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At Valvet (The Vault) we offer you a unique environment, a stunning backdrop that enhances this 400 year old pearl. In its original form it is one of Gothenburg’s oldest remaining buildings, “Radheska Huset” (1669).

With vaulted ceilings and a stone floor that reveals its history, the location in its simplicity, proudly speaks of quality as well as sustainability. In this space we place brands, designers, and artists in a relevant context. With a clarity that underlines our vision in a thoughtful and artistic way.


A place to experience and engage, inspire and influence.

Each piece in this space is considered for its intrinsic value, how it contributes to the environment it inhabits and the objects that surround it.

At our space Valvet, in the heart of Gothenburg, we offer a carefully curated selection of unique and limited edition pieces by both local and international designers and artists. ARK is a dynamic place to meet, mingle and engage and our aim is to continue to surprise and amaze, celebrating object d’art.

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