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Anna Bystrup

Anna graduated from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts and the Glass & Ceramics School on Bornholm - and have since then, and along the way, had the pleasure of learning from some of the very best. In the workshop, she continuously develop new products, so that the content both online and in my store changes continuously. 



I'm an artist at Österlen. Creation is therapy. the apart part my free zone where I max out with pink.

Anna explains;Some go for a walk in the woods or by the sea, travel to a distant land, or look into the eyes of the one they love and be inspired by new ceramic items in the workshop or new colors in production. Some spend months on glaze samples or do lots of samples on clay with different additions of colors and the one and the other. I've never had that. Things pop up in my head, sometimes in a dream other times just out of the blue and come into being on my turntable, usually within a day or two. I have never had patience

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