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Kristiina is a Swedish based artist who attach value to quality and genuinity of art and design, therefore she does everything by hand and all her artwork and designs are made by heart.


My sculptures

The theme I have been working on quite some time now is the expression of human body and It is the simplicity of this form that interests me. I have developed a style that I call Ancient Cubism simply because I have been intrigued to see what happens when the Ancient Greek sculpture meets the Post Modern Cubist form. My aim is to keep the lines and shapes simple, and that is mainly to show a fragile expression that also can be sublime for the spectator. I want the different characters´ positions and extensions of figure give a feeling of calm and peace.

My ambition is also to accentuate the roughness of the sand surface that appears when working with the cubist style. With not many details in my work you can see the natural textures of the materials. Likewise the neutral colors go really well together with the subtle look I want to accomplish. The metal sculptures also have the fine and simple lines or curves that accentuate this feeling.Therefore both of my clay and metal pieces are easy to put in to context and fill out a space. My hopes are that I can inspire people to love genuine and handcrafted work and find a place for more art for their homes.


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