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Words inspired from the interview by Michiel Bosman 

Tessa graduated in 2014 from the HKU (Utrecht school of the Arts). She claims that she has always felt like an artist, in fact, she believes she has never been anything else. 

We believe her! She is a forever growing and developing super force of creativity and her work continues to inspire and captivate us. 



Tessa describes her art as a (temporary) endpoint in a search for a composition of texture and material that is in perfect harmony with each other. Her art is not necessarily a bombastic eye-catcher, but because of the serene nature of her work, it offers a piece of mind. Tessa explains: ‘I test and try a lot to get to that temporary endpoint. I am always concerned with “would this work or not if I experimented with this? What if I tried this? And so on…”. My studio therefore feels like an creative artificial lab from time to time, with different experimental stations where I temporarily stoped. I save experiments and take notes to ultimately achieve a result that works for me’. 

An imported part of her process and art is creating her own materials. Overtime Tessa noticed the materials that are offered in stores were no longer in line with how she felt inside and wanted to create, so she started to create her own paint and brushes. Because of this, her work feels more authentic and becomes slightly unpredictable, since every piece of art is unique.

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