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Chandler McLellan is an abstract sculpture artist who is inspired by the past and the people and cultures that influenced the present. He works primarily in hardwoods such as walnut and maple.

We are honoured to be able to present a couple of pieces by this extraordinary artisan and we hope you love them as much as we do.


It can be incredibly difficult to analyse one’s own art but if I had to pin down one thing that set me apart, based on what I’ve been told, it would have to be

a sense of each piece belonging to the furthest past and furthest future.

A true simplicity and timelessness that works yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

I began my exploration of art while managing a small farm in Fort Collins. We would fuel our stoves with locally felled walnut trees and scraps from local mills. During my down time I started to shape our firewood and fell head over heels with walnut. I was completely overcome by its beauty and I suppose the wood itself unlocked something within me and became the vessel for ideas in my head.

During that time, I was also working, from time to time, in a custom woodwork shop, Tyler Morris Woodworking. Most recently, I have been working as cabinet maker. Having a real job functions as a necessary part of my creative process.
I am incredibly proud of having been able to connect with and inspire so many wonderful people all over the world. My creations have allowed me to see into a part of the world that I never thought I would have been able to get a glimpse of. I have been allowed into the minds of so many amazing artists and it has widened my view of the world.

At this point I am known exclusively for abstract sculptures in walnut and painted maple. While this is where my passion sits comfortably, I am now being asked to design various pieces of furniture which I hope to marry successfully with my abstract designs. I work with interior designers, retail, art galleries, and directly with collectors.


From the article of Chandler McLellan in Voyage Denver

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